chapter s/s 2016 is your older cousin’s hot girlfriend

  • Posted on: July 14, 2015
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At Machus, we’re constantly surrounded by a wide range of collections from both established and emerging designers. Seeing clothes all day can become repetitive.

So there’s not too many times we are blown away by a collection.

Enter Chapter S/S 2016.

Are you kidding me? Chapter is like your older cousin that you see once a year at family reunions and each year he brings a more attractive girl to meet the fam. The brand that we thought couldn’t get any more impressive just showed up to the reunion with freaking Beyoncé.

Chapter’s head designer, Devin Carlson, engaged in a game of symmetry and mirroring for S/S 2016. A rock-punk element is infused into the sportswear inspired collection, which features a color palette of black, white, grey, khaki, and dyed blue.

We just want to use this blog post to show love to one of our favorite brands in the store.

There’s not a better team in the industry than the Chapter guys. Seriously. Meet them. You won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy some of our favorite looks from Chapter’s S/S 2016 presentation at New York Fashion Week.