favorite items from your favorite store

favorite items from your favorite store

  • Posted on: July 11, 2015
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If you’ve never been into the shop, allow me to introduce you to the four faces that help Machus operate at such a high level. Each staff member has his/her own personality, style, and look that contribute to the in-store vibes of Machus. Despite our love of different brands and execution of different fashion choices, we all have one thing in common:
We f***ing love clothes.
So let each staff member tell you which one item in the store is their favorite.
And let this be an insight into the four minds behind your favorite store.
Justin Machus, Ownermachus-y3-6_1024x1024_large

Justin’s signature catch phrase “buy nice things and wear the f*** out of them” is becoming increasingly popular in the Twitter and IG community. So it’s no surprise his favorite item in the store is the adidas Y-3 Qasa High “Royal,” a shoe he can beat to s***.

“A bold take on a shoe that’s been around for a minute. Aggressive and athletic, yet super simple and wearable. It was my favorite shoe from the fall Y-3 collection.”

Juline Machus, Owner



The beauty and brains that keeps the shop buzzing behind the scenes. Juline tends to mix mens and women’s pieces in her outfits, so the Mr. Completely Moto Sleeve Jean Jacket fits perfectly into her androgynous style.

“It’s summer night sexy.”
Alex Corson, Staff



You know this familiar face if you’ve been in the store. Usually decked out in his black OFF-WHITE tee and Yeezy Boosts, Alex says the Indigo Heritage Denim from Mr. Completely is his first choice.

“This isn’t your every day pair of stonewash denim. You see so many variations of this wash, and I feel like Mr. Completely doesn’t just nail this wash, but the fit and details on this pair of denim is absolutely flawless.”

Jacob Keller, Staff
It’s hard to miss Jacob when he’s working in the store. When he’s there, you know. Fitted in Chapter trousers and an oversized tee, Jacob will be the first to tell you he’s the biggest fan of the Ivory Slub Crew from The Squad.
“All I ask is that you try it on. You will be sold. Instantly. It’s THAT good. I don’t know what sorcery or magic they used, but The Squad has somehow PERFECTED the fit of a basic white tee.”