following the squad to the sea

following the squad to the sea

  • Posted on: June 6, 2015
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“this piece, this single piece of cotton is meant to be lived in, loved in, tattered, worn in, sworn in, destroyed, sweat in, slept in. let it become you. this whole big world, this universe is meant to be explored, don’t sit still- you’ll always find your way home. follow me to the sea.”



This blurb is written on every tag from The Squad’s collection for Spring/Summer, and they mean every word. The entire staff here at Machus has one of their distressed tee’s at this point, they’re just that good. It’s really difficult to make a shirt, distress it by hand, and then make sure it doesn’t fall apart into a million little pieces after one wear. Well, The Squad somehow makes it work. The quality on these tee’s is not a joke, they’re as legit as it gets and they live up to the blurb written on all their tags.



Each and every t-shirt from these guys is hand distressed AFTER they are constructed. That is totally unheard of in the garment industry, because it usually means double the work for the same product. The extra work really shows, because the distressing is perfect and it makes each and every shirt unique. That’s right, each shirt is totally unique. One shirt may have a hole right over your nipple, the next one might not (it’s a real concern btw beware the nip slip). Just look at how cool our model, Jordan, looks in the picture below in these hand distressed beauties.