INTERVIEW – Dany from Dr么le de Monsieur

INTERVIEW – Dany from Dr么le de Monsieur

  • Posted on: December 16, 2015
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When you’re hyped about a new brand, you should want to find out all you can about the origins, the founders, and the designs. One of our new favorite brands, Dr么le de Monsieur, tells us all about how they got started, what you can expect from them, and a couple of their favorite things.


Check it out below.

1). Introduce yourself! Name, age, background, hobbies, etc?

“We are friends: Maxime Schwab, 29 years old, former store manager, passionate about football and fashion, obviously.

Me, Dany Dos Santos, 25 years old, graduated with a Master in Financial, and currently the blogger behind Alkarus.

Both of us are living in a small and humble city called Dijon.”

2). Who or what first got you into fashion?

“You know our motto. We are not from the world of fashion. We have always known fashion as consumers. We do not have degrees in fashion, and have no real connections.

The only thing that got us into fashion is passion, and a dream to create something with your own hands. Nothing else.

It was a project in our minds for several years, but we waited to be sure about it until we had a common vision. Also, because we started from the bottom, we had to think a long time about this hard competitive market in order to find the best way for us to enter into this.”

3). The current collection is super strong. What can we expect from Drole in the future?

“Thank you very much for these kind words.

We are a young label and we are making errors each day. We have to keep making mistakes in order to learn more about fashion, grow our knowledge, and affirm our vision. For the furtue, you can except something even stronger than now, we are entering the game for this and we will with all of our best.

We want to create simplicity but different in new and different ways. We want break the rules and we will. I can just to tell you that 2016 will be beige, unisex and cozy.”

4). We love the message of your brand. Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?

Thank you. I don’t know if we can give advice.

“I’m embarassed with this term “designer” because we don’t have a background in designing. Do we work like a real designer? I don’t know, to be honest. We are just former consumers who chose to use their own hands to become the seller of our own creations.

So if we have to reply to this good question, I would like to say to all aspiring designers to respect this rule: think, plan, execute and stay focused.

5) 聽Favorite movie? Favorite music artist?

Dany聽: Back to the future trilogy聽; IAM

Maxime聽: The good, the bad and the ugly聽; John Coltrane