machus closet visits v.1: jacob keller

  • Posted on: June 17, 2015
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Welcome to the first rendition of Machus Closet Visits. We’ve been toying around internally with the idea of doing these for a while now and just now have finally committed, and nobody better to start off with than our very own Jacob Keller. These visits are meant to inspire your wardrobe and showcase how you can mix and match brands and pieces from around the store and make a complete closet with pieces that flow together. We hope you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to stop by and ask us to feature you in the next showcase!

What first brought you into Machus and coincidentally what was the first thing you bought there?

I was ready to up my game. Streetwear was slowly dying in my wardrobe and I knew it was time to make the transition into quality garments. I was actually nervous to go to the store so I held off for a couple months after I heard about it. It was a totally new world to me and I didn’t know what to expect. When I first went, I knew nothing about the brands in the store. The only brand I was familiar with was T by Alexander Wang. And there was a yellow swimsuit on sale from him. So naturally I bought it. Because I didn’t have money at that time and I guess I needed a swimsuit? I still have it and wear it to this day actually.

What is your all time favorite piece you’ve bought from Machus and why?

My all time favorite piece is the Agoto Coat from Chapter. It’s a super long waxed cotton coat with an oversized hood and detachable skirt. It was my first real “big” purchase at the store. (The coat retailed for $500). Although I can only wear it a couple months out of the year, the craftsmanship and silhouette makes it one of my favorite all time pieces ever, not just from Machus.

What’s the one item in the store you’ve been after but haven’t pulled the trigger on? What’s stopping you?

I’ve been eyeing that Laer Leather Jacket for a minute now. It’s even harder working at the store and having it stare at you for hours. Right now, the price is what’s stopping me and the fact that I already have a leather biker I’m happy with. But the attention to detail on that garment is impeccable, especially the fact that it’s hand made in downtown LA from a designer we at the store personally know. I might have just convinced myself…

What’s your favorite brand in the store right now? What draws you to them most?

I think anyone that is familiar with me already knows this answer. Chapter. Man, talk about an incredible brand. Everything. It’s truly hard for me to put into words what I love about this brand. First of all, ever since I’ve became homies with the guys who run the brand, it’s made me want to support them that much more. Hearing their design inspiration and taking a tour of their facility just adds to the pot. Just go in the store and find out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

You’re a known sneaker/kicks enthusiast, would you say that your clothing purchases influence your sneaker pickups more or vice versa?

I think the former. Clothing purchases influence sneaker pickups more. I will find a dope pair of cropped trousers that I will buy and I may wait until I find a perfect sneaker to rock them with. So I generally buy apparel first, have those purchases in the back of my mind, and then try to find sneakers that will match that.

What keeps you coming back to the store (besides, you know, working here now)?

It’s a huge combination of things. The people. The atmosphere. The music. The vibes. The design. The service. It’s almost not even about the clothes for me. It’s the fact that this store has become like a family to me and so many of its customers. That’s truly why I think Machus has already secured it’s position as the go-to store for Portland fashion heads.