My experience in Paris – Jacob Keller

My experience in Paris – Jacob Keller

  • Posted on: July 18, 2017
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I thought it would be a good idea to write a little blog post about my experiences in Paris, as well as touch on some behind the scenes insight to buying and give some tips to help make your trip easier.

First, I can’t stress enough the important of a good neck pillow and eye mask for the flight. Who cares if you look like a marshmallow Mummy type creature. IT IS CRITICAL. Getting a few hours of sleep on the 12+ hour flight (PDX to JFK to CDG) is critical, especially since we left at 6 am Portland time and arrived at 7 am Paris time. So yeah, you basically travelled all day, and then have to stay up all day in Paris. DON’T SKIMP ON THE PILLOW.

Anyways, Paris is beautiful. It is so different than Portland and even just all the cities I’ve been to in the US. Buildings and people just have a ton more character. Look in any three block radius in Portland and you’ll find a crane building some new apartment building; whereas in Paris, every building is hundreds of years old and has been lived in by countless people. There is such a rich history.

NOW, the buying and showroom stuff – IT WAS AWESOME. If you are able to work for a retailer and travel to any shows or fashion weeks, I highly suggest it. Seeing the behind the scenes of how these brands and showrooms operate is amazing. Seeing the collections in their entirety really helps paint a picture of the message and theme of each collection. The hard part is deciding what you want to bring in to your store! How do you take 150+ pieces and narrow it down to 12-15 amazing selections all while still telling the message the designer created. It’s tough. But Justin and I think we did a pretty sweet job.

Ok, I will wrap this up but to end this rant, I want to talk about some collections I felt were super strong and I was honored to see.

ALYX – WHOA. That’s all I can say.
CMMN SWDN – super strong. Great anti-tailored pieces.
Drôle de Monsieur – I mean these guys kill it every time. You know this by now.
GOSHA – The CDG showroom was crazy. I felt like I was in a damn mansion. Which I actually kind of was.
UNDERCOVER – definitely one of Jun’s strongest seasons in recent years. You’ll be stoked.