only the strong survive – exclusively at machus

  • Posted on: June 10, 2015
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Exclusively at Machus, the Only the Strong Will Survive collection from Represent just landed. We’re extra pumped (it’s a pun) about this drop from Represent because we are the only retailer that will have it in a physical location.

This collection is right up our alley, containing only two colors in the entire capsule; tan and black, aka the colors of Summer 2015. Inspired by a 90’s gym ascetic, all the shoulder seams are dropped and the sleeves run baggy and long. Hoodies fit baggy, shorts have a slight drop crotch, under shirts are long and have awesome hemlines to compliment the boxy fit of the tee’s.

This drop isn’t going to last long, so we’d formally recommend not spending too much time contemplating. Check it here.