our “of” machus editorial for chapter is lit….literally

  • Posted on: September 10, 2015
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Chapter is one of those brands where all you can do is say “yes.”

Yes to their clothes, yes to their aesthetic, and yes to their offer for Machus to be the next featured retailer in their ongoing “Of” series.

Here is some text straight from Chapter to give you a little insight into their “Of” series:

” At Chapter we are constantly inspired by our friends and their progression in aesthetic, personality and voice. In continuance with the series, Of, we invited our retail partners to select individuals that bring a sophisticated point of view to fashion. We asked them to share their innate style and perspective of the Autumn / Winter 2015 UNKNOWN collection through their own personal interpretation. In this latest editorial, we feature Portland’s Machus.”

We were super excited to come up with a photo style and studio set that fit into the mindset of both Machus and Chapter.

Check out what we came up with in the slideshow above.

All Chapter products featured in this editorial can be found on our online store (chair, lights, and handsome men not included).