see you there – tabor made x machus pop-up event

see you there – tabor made x machus pop-up event

  • Posted on: August 5, 2015
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At Machus, we put on for our city. Just ask, and we will recommend our favorite coffee shops, restaurants, activities, and clothing brands.

So when we have the opportunity to carry a local brand focusing on fit and form (the theme of our store), we’re all for it.

Enter Tabor Made.

Ira LaFontaine, creator/owner/designer and just-about-every-title-you-can-think-of for Tabor Made, promises to deliver upgraded construction, fit, and material for the new pre-fall 2015 collection.
Hearing his passion for his latest designs, we decided it was only right to host a Tabor Made x Machus event to launch the new and improved line. The event will be this Friday, August 7th from 7-10 pm. Peep the full details in the flyer below.
We have an exclusive interview with Ira to give our customers an insight into the inspiration behind the brand and his thoughts on the Portland fashion market. Read below. We’ll see you Friday.

Machus: We know you used to be the buyer for Compound Gallery for a while. Was the transition to start your own brand always in the works? Or something that just happened?

Ira: I’d always had had my eye on creating a brand. Buying for Compound, and being the guy who chooses what products a store carries, is a really big responsibility to have. It’s, kind of, this awesome blend between something that’s really creative and definitely a bit business., but after buying for awhile I’d just end up seeing all of the little things that I didn’t like in products. Sometimes it would just be aesthetic things that I thought could be pulled off better, but a lot of times it would be easy changes that would make the garment vastly better for the guy wearing it and they weren’t happening — it drove me crazy! I was the guy wearing the stuff, so I knew it could be better — but a lot of brands weren’t picking up on the issues I had with things. After heading Compound’s private label line and collaborations for awhile and seeing how people were responding to them, I really felt like I could bring something more to the table. That’s when I started getting serious about what I wanted to make. 

Machus: Where did the name come from?

Ira: I really wanted a name the would be very specific to Portlanders, and also to me, but would be a blank slate for everyone else. That’s when I had came up with Tabor Made. I grew up playing on Mt. Tabor as a kid and running there when I got older, so it’s a pretty special place for me that fit in perfectly.

Machus: We understand you are on the quest to give consumers the perfect staples with a focus on fit and fabric. What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Ira: Throughout my life I end up wearing a few things the vast majority of the time, and I think that’s how most people are, too. We’re constantly pulling the same things out of the closet, and they’re usually basics. You’ll throw some other things on with them, but essentials are the backbone of the wardrobe — so that’s where I wanted to start. I wanted to concentrate on making just flat out high quality takes on basics. Quality has been one of the biggest issues for me, so I wanted to hone in on a few key items that I wanted to see, get the fits right, put them in high quality materials and take things from there. We’ll have other styles coming in the future, but right now it’s just about taking on a few styles and doing them well. Tabortopdown1280x580_large

Machus: Tell us about having a brand founded and based in Portland, OR. Is it a hard market? Do you see a lot of orders online from out-of-state customers?

Ira: I love having the brand based in Portland. I’m a native Oregonian and this is exactly where I wanted to start it. I wouldn’t consider it harder than another similar size market, but online does great, too. We had a few early blog posts from Hypebeast and Four Pins, and I think that really helped to get the brand on the map, as far as out of state goes. 

Machus: Do you see Tabor Made becoming a brand with huge accounts and stockists? Or do you wish to keep it pretty exclusive and only have product in a few select stores?

Ira: I’m looking to bringing on a few new out of states store in the future, but I really want to focus on shops that fall in line with what Tabor Made is about, so I want keep things in the boutique world and tell the story that way.

Machus: Tell the people where they can keep updated on all things Ira and Tabor Made.

Ira: If you want to stay up on Tabor Made the best way to do it is Instagram and Twitter, and if you’re looking for me (aka pics of shoes and food), well, that’s also Instagram and Twitter.