The Closing Of An Iconic Retailer

The Closing Of An Iconic Retailer

  • Posted on: July 13, 2017
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Colette is a store that has long been the benchmark for the perfect blend of street and couture. A store that, on any day of the week, was packed with tourists, designers and creatives alike. The staggering amount of in-store artist signings and brand collaborations kept the relatively small Colette not only relevant, but easily the most interesting store on the planet.

Over the past 6 years that we have been going to Paris for buying, we never miss a trip. To us, it was as important as taking an afternoon at the Louvre. The sheer creativity of retail was a constant inspiration for us as fellow boutique owners.

Colette’s vision of her store was that Colette was a Paris store and not something that should not spread to other cities. In a time where multiple locations is the norm, this concept was something that really hit home to us. Do something you love, do it the best you can and keep it manageable. The benefits of this concept were easily seen.

Colette will be dearly missed. In a retail world of cookie-cutter concepts, Colette was a true creative powerhouse.
-Justin Machus